CERTMGT web-application is available for IPMA® Certification Bodies at the following three service levels:

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Announcement and editing of certification rounds
Checking and approving applications
Assigning assessors to candidates
Generating certification task sheets
Uploading exam documents
Scoring and note-taking
Approving assessment results
Informing candidates about certification decision
Printing out certificates
Informing candidates about mailing certificate
Uploading receipt of certificate
Additional management functions Task Development Module
Certificate income projector
IPMA royalty reporting
Assessor activity reporting
Assessor fee reporting
Import of certificate information
Export applicant's all info into standard
Doc/XLS fromat
Unlimited storage
Prices coming soon!

for the STANDARD and PRO service levels we have more additional solutions:

Web Exam Make written exams online! In a well-controlled room you don't have to print pages of exam task sheets, when there are computers around. Candidates write the exam on a secure online interface. In the background from storing to evaluation everything works automatically.
Certificate List Plugin Place this small, customizable application into your CB/MA homepage to display your always up-to-date valid list of certificates in the country, directly from the database of CERTMGT.
Tweet-a-Round It is possible to announce certification rounds, exam dates and locations from CERTMGT also as tweets if a certification body uses Twitter in the communication with clients.

Industry-standard encryption technologies are used to protect the confidentiality of all information related to the use of CERTMGT.

For ordering or for 30-day free trial period please contact Laszlo Karas (from the Hungarian IPMA® certification body): laszlo.karas@ipmacert.hu